To answer many questions about my book….

Everyone is a masterpiece of God. I know this way of thinking is hard to comprehend and accept. I won’t disagree with you. It is very difficult to see ourselves and others in such a light.

In my book, it is my goal to show you at least four main things. First, convince you that you are, in fact, a treasured masterpiece of God. Second, show how getting trapped and fooled by the enemy can lead to a feeling of being worthless, not priceless; which can determine the course of your life. Third, show how a masterpiece that has fallen from Grace and been stolen by the enemy can be restored back to its original perfection. Finally, explain how to protect a masterpiece from being devalued or stolen again. This should be an enlightening journey to help establish your identity and value in order to live the life you were originally meant to live.

I don’t claim this journey will be easy to understand or apply, but my hope is this book will speak to you wherever you are on your journey. For the non-believer, at the very least, you can apply these ideas and concepts to improve your life and maybe spark your interest in learning more about God. For the new believer, this book will help you understand the bigger picture of the battles you face and how God can join in your battle. For the mature believer, my hope is this book will spark inside of you a desire to dive even deeper into your faith to realize just how mighty and powerful you are. My hope is you recognize the depths of God’s love; having victory in your battles and helping others have victory in their battles.

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