What I Offer

Something For Everyone


It’s time for a transformation—body, mind, and spirit.  I have fifteen years of experience coaching clients as they work to achieve their goals. I take a comprehensive approach to wellness that helps bring balance, clarity, and peace into one’s life. This isn’t your typical wellness approach; I’m committed to challenging my clients to grow beyond their comfort zone.

Whether you are in need of physical change, mental restructuring, emotional stability, or spiritual awareness, let me partner with you on your journey to reach your fullest potential. Be prepared to have your thoughts, actions, and emotions confronted to see if they are benefitting you or keeping you from becoming who you truly want to be.

Sessions are informal and geared towards your specific goals. 

You owe it to yourself, your family, and God, to overcome what’s holding you back. No more excuses and putting off what you could start today. Your only regret will be not taking an opportunity right in front of you. Now is the time for new beginnings. What are you waiting for? Take a chance. Your future self will thank you. Contact me today and get started on the road to your best self.

15 Minute Check-In

$25 / Per Session

  • Quick Check In
  • Telephone or Skype
  • Evaluate Progress
  • Re-adjust Goals
  • Situation Advice
  • Prayer and Support

30 Minute Session

$45 / Per Session

  • Workout Session
  • Online Programs
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Goal Setting Session
  • Mental & Emotional Drills
  • Spiritual Awareness Drills

60 Minute Session

$80 / Per Session

  • Workout Session
  • Tissue Work & Recovery
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Mental & Emotional  Drills
  • Prayer & Spiritual Lession
  • Life Planning & Execution